Quality feedback is an essential part of professional growth and we love sharing it not only within our team but also with candidates who get interviewed. In this article, we collected some tips from the real feedback given by our CTO Dima and Lead developer Andrew to junior developers. But we also believe that these thoughts can be a good checklist for more experienced developers.

Learn the tools — git, command line, docker, and interpret errors correctly

Before asking for help, you should read the error messages carefully and understand them. However, there’s nothing bad about accepting the fact that you don’t understand something.

If you don’t understand the error message, you…

This article is about security vulnerabilities that can be found in many projects. Ignoring them can have terrible consequences for businesses. Hopefully, they are easy to fix. Here I described how I found a vulnerability, showed how it could be used for data extracting from the database, and fixed it with just one line of code.

During one of my tasks on the project, I worked on Dashboard improvements. Dashboard — it’s just the main page for users with different types of entities (showed by cards) and filters in the sidebar (search by keyword, order, filter by type).

Here the…

In 2014, our founders wrote a codex for everyone who wanted to join the datarockets’ team, so that the candidates could check if they shared the same core values as ours. Since then, we have transformed our processes a lot, but this document still stays relevant as it presents our company principles and culture.

The original version was written in Russian and now we decided to make it accessible for everyone by translating it into English. If you know Russian, we highly recommend you to read the original text from 2014 :).

Intro from the founders

The goal of datarockets is to bring ideas…

Vital — A human analytics platform, currently in the MVP stage. With Vital, you can track your personal data such as book readings, time spending, daily vices, and rituals. The platform makes data tracking social with teams engaging and commenting. It also provides a simple visualization of your data and data analytics that helps people to understand their feelings and behaviors better.

The datarockets team built this platform from scratch and participated in the product strategy, which resulted in several features that have been implemented & adopted.


The ultimate goal of VITAL is to improve individual productivity and increase self-awareness…

Entrepreneurs are known to run into dozens of ideas on a daily basis, if not more. While most of them seem to border on absurdity in the beginning, it is often difficult to determine whether or not they would work out in the long run. That’s why the best way of ensuring your idea is worth developing is to learn at the fastest possible pace and have the willingness to try out different experiments.

Based on our proven knowledge on product development and experience, we have developed a template document relating to the process of idea validation, and wrote the…

Despite the fact that our team works remotely from 9 countries in 5 different time zones and up to 7 hours difference, we still don’t have any problems in team collaboration and efficiency. In fact, we always receive wonderful feedback about our work style and processes. Since 2014, we have been experimenting with different processes, tools, rules, traditions, and styles for continuous improvements. It has resulted in a system which we want to share with our readers. Next, we shared 8 remote work rules that datarockets team follows.

Proactive communication

Proactive communication brings a lot of value to the team. We don’t…

We are living in a world where thousands of new business ideas are being created daily. Usually, brainstorming business ideas is a fun and easy part. It is a creative process when everyone is very excited. Once you have created an initial vision and shaped your idea, it is time to plan and execute it properly. However, project planning and executing is often a considerable challenge. When the routine arises, you need to have some stable processes and proper project management to accomplish your project.

When the routine arises, you need to have some stable processes and proper project management…

datarockets founders, Pavel and Dmitry, worked for leading outsourcing companies in the industry before they started their own company. They observed the ecosystems that lacked transparency, were indifferent towards the success of clients’ projects, and there was a certain unwillingness to invest in the personal growth of the engineering teams. This compelled them to build a place for like-minded people where they can integrate with clients as a single team, based on a transparent development process.

To further understand datarockets’ vision, GoodFirms has interviewed datarockets CEO, Pavel as part of their interview series. …

Experienced entrepreneurs know that building successful products is not about damn luck or revolutionary ideas; it’s more about data-driven decisions and careful analysis of the market. There are plenty of books and posts written on this topic, but it still takes days of research to create some sort of a mindmap and understand startup metrics and their common use cases.

This post is a quick cheat sheet for entrepreneurs to figure out what metrics may be useful to their business.

Let’s assume that we are building a social network, and our business model is ad-based. The longer the average session…

Our team couldn’t miss Wroclove.rb conference in March. As usual, great community, talks, and the atmosphere. We took a lot of notes for the rest of the team but we think they are worth sharing in the blog. Look at some of our highlights.

Building UIs for Microservices

It was a talk in which Ethan Garofolo told that microservice architecture is not about deploying parts of our apps on different servers but about connections between those parts. Sometimes people just deploy parts of an app on different servers but those parts are still highly coupled together and know a lot about each other. …


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